NMB to Manabukun

Hello, thank you for your prayers about the earthquake in Osaka.
This is an unofficial fan site of NMB to Manabukun.
NMB48 is an idol group of Osaka, Japan.
They are very cute.
Please visit Osaka and meet NMB48!

NMB to Manabukun Episode 260

What is NMB to Manabukun?

“NMB to Manabukun” is a TV program. The members of NMB48 learn about useful things you don’t learn in school.

Today’s Theme

How to enjoy watching soccer

Guest Lecturer

Wakky(Japanese Comedian)


In this episode, notable soccer players were introduced.

The highlights of this episode were:

Isochan(Kanae Iso) is a great soccer fan!

Yu-ri(Yuuri Ohta)‘s dribbling was horrible!

Mirurun(Miru Shiroma) did not know the host country of the World Cup!

Watch the Video

If you can connect to a VPN in Japan, you can watch the show for free!
You can watch it for 7 days from the on-air date.
Watch it here on Kansai TV!